White Ice Granite

White Ice Granite, also called Aspen White, is perfect for homeowners who prefer a minimalistic but classy look. It is an elegant natural stone that features an icy white backdrop and steel gray mineral deposits as well as deep ocean blue veins. Most slabs also have quartz deposits that can make your kitchen countertop stand out because of the quartz’s sparkling appearance.

Type: Natural Stone
Series: Granite
Origin: Brazil
Shade Variation: Medium
Avg. Length: 120-130″
Avg. Width: 74-79″
Thickness: 2cm, 3cm
Usage: Exterior, Interior
Finishes: Polished, Leathered
MOHS hardness: 5-6
Freeze-Thaw Resistant: Yes
Primary Color: Snowy White
Accent Colors: Black, Gray, Blue, Cream
White Ice granite slab by A1 Stone World

White Ice Granite: The Key to A Luxurious-Looking Countertop

White Ice Granite: The Key to A Luxurious-Looking Countertop


Granite countertops have been known for their durability and unmatched beauty that’s impossible not to notice. And if you are into a classy but simple look, among the popular granite stones you can consider is White Ice Granite.

This elegant stone can give you that dramatic, modern look you are yearning for without the high price that usually comes with most natural stones. Keep reading to know more about this highly sought-after countertop material!

What Is White Ice Granite?

Quarried from Brazil, White Ice Granite is a popular type of granite that is chosen by many homeowners who prefer the elegance of white countertops. It offers a minimalistic but elegant look for those who are going for a more modern style but don’t want to spend too much money.

The stone is also called Aspen White and has a luxurious appearance and shine that are perfect for transforming a dull kitchen into a not only livelier but more spacious-looking one. Its durability also makes it a great choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops as well as for outdoor applications.

What Color Is White Ice Granite?

white ice granite slab


There’s a good reason why many people love White Ice Granite – it comes with many colors and unique patterns that you won’t find on marble countertops. Offering an attractive contrast between light and dark, this stone features a snowy white backdrop with abundant steel grey mineral deposits that run throughout the stone.

The tone and depth of the grey striations can vary dramatically for each slab. While some feature lighter and creamier colors, others will have darker mineral deposits. In addition, most slabs include quartz deposits that give the stone a sparkling appearance that will make your countertops pop!

Does White Ice Granite Have Blue in It?

Most White Ice Granite slabs have a light primary color with a white-grey appearance. But, the dark veins can also look like deep ocean blue which gives the stone its distinct look. This blue hue can even be accompanied by brown/reddish speckles across the slab but only in a small percentage.

White ice granite kitchen countertop with white cabinets


How Much Is a Slab of White Ice Granite?

Cost is one of the most important deciding factors when it comes to choosing a countertop material. While granite is still an expensive material just like any natural stone, it is generally cheaper compared to marble but offers more durability.

Granite fabricators in Jacksonville FL will offer White Ice Granite slabs that are 3-cm thick from $55 to $80+ per square foot on average. This depends on where you are buying from and the quality of the stone.

Does White Ice Granite Stain?

Unlike marble which is more porous and prone to etching and staining, granite stones do not easily stain, break, chip, scratch, or crack. This makes White Ice Granite easier to maintain than the more expensive marble given that you seal your countertop properly.

However, take note that granite is still a natural stone which means that it is still porous. To prevent staining and other types of damage, follow these maintenance tips:

    • Wipe up spills immediately

    • Avoid contact with acidic substances like vinegar or citrus juices

    • Avoid exposure to excessive heat (use hot pads and trivets)

    • Don’t use corrosive substances when cleaning

Why Should You Buy White Ice Granite Countertops?

kitchen island with a white ice granite countertop


Do you need more reasons why you should consider White Ice Granite countertops? This stone not only offers a timeless beauty but also provides many advantages including the following:

    • Cheaper than marble

    • Very little maintenance

    • Durable, stain, scratch, and heat-resistant

    • Its light-colored surface can hide imperfections

    • Classy contrasting colors and bold patterns

    • Reflects light which makes any space brighter and more spacious-looking

Bonus Tips: White Ice Granite Kitchen Countertop Design Ideas

Lastly, below are a few design tips to get the best look out of your White Ice Granite kitchen countertop:

    • Cool tones and neutral colors pair with White Ice Granite best.

    • White cabinets make the perfect match as they go well with the stone’s dark striations.

    • Aside from white, you can also use lighter shades of brown as well as grey. But if you want more contrast, dark wooden tones would also look great.

    • Choose cabinets that match the stone’s pattern.

    • If you want an industrial look, metallic tones like stainless steel utensils and appliances would be the perfect choice.

Get Your Own Gorgeous White Ice Granite Granite Countertops in Jacksonville FL

The snowy shimmer and luxurious veins of White Ice Granite make a chic addition to boring kitchens or bathrooms. If you want that wow-factor that this stone offers, A1 Stone World can give you what you are looking for!

We offer desirable granite countertops in different colors and patterns to accommodate every homeowner’s different tastes. Reach out to us now and let us discuss your next plans in detail! We serve various clients in the Northeast Florida area including:

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