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Below are samples of some of our most popular products. Come visit A1 Stone World to see our full gallery of unique slabs!

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Remnants: What To Know

Kitchen Islands Accent Pieces Bathroom Vanities Bar Tops Shelves Fireplace Surrounds

Using full stone slabs will not only be expensive but also time-consuming to fabricate if you are only going to use them in small projects. Luckily, you can buy countertop remnants that will allow you to install eye-catching accent pieces in your home without spending more than you need to.

A1 Stone World handles the fabrication and installation of kitchen and bathroom countertops for many homes in Jacksonville and surrounding neighborhoods so we have numerous countertop remnants you can choose from. Whether you want granite, quartz, marble, quartzite, or soapstone for your custom project, we’ve got you covered!

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Benefits of Remnants

Remnants provide a lot of benefits for small to medium projects including affordability.

A Comparison of the Different Stone Remnants

A1 Stone World offers granitequartzmarblequartzite, and soapstone remnants. Below is a comparison of these options along with other popular choices like butcher clock and concrete:

Countertop Remnants vs. Slabs

Full Slabs
No specific sizes, but can range from very small to sufficiently large options for kitchen islands. They come in more shape, size, and color varieties.
They come in a plethora of styles and larger cuts ranging from 45 to 70 square feet with more continuous patterns.
More affordable options at $10 to $40+ per square foot.
More expensive from $50 to $250+ per square foot for materials only.
Easier and faster to install. Professional installation needed.
Require professional installation.
Environmental Friendliness
There are sustainable options for reducing waste from slab fabrication and installation.
Although you can find eco-friendly natural stones, their fabrication and installation produce more waste.
The perfect solution to easily remodel your home using smaller accent pieces.
Popular options for kitchen and bathroom countertops.

5 Key Factors to Consider When Buying Countertop Remnants

1. Type of Material

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2. Design Options

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3. Cost

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4. Durability

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5. Fabrication & Installation

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Buy Luxury Countertop Remnants at the Best Prices from A1 Stone World

At A1 Stone World, our goal is to be your one-stop-shop when it comes to countertops so we also sell numerous stone remnants for small to medium projects. Get in touch with us and let our skilled team of designers and installers work with you hand-in-hand in transforming your home!

Some of the areas we serve (contact us if you don’t see your area listed):

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