Fantasy Brown Granite

Fantasy Brown Granite has dramatic features and patterns that will leave you in awe of its beauty. It comes in various densities and color variations so it is often characterized differently. In fact, many suppliers often label them as marble, dolomite, or quartzite. Since these stones possess unique differences, they became popular in home renovation projects and kitchen remodels.

Fantasy Brown is also known as Canyon Dawn, Fantasy Brown Quartzite, Fantasy Brown Dolomite, or Fantasy Brown Marble.

Type: Natural Stone
Series: Level 1 or 2 Granite
Origin: India
Shade Variation: High
Avg. Length: 110-126″
Avg. Width: 62-80″
Thickness: 2cm, 3cm
Bookmatch: Yes
Backlit: Yes
Usage: Exterior, Interior
Finishes: Polished, Leathered, Honed, Antique, Brushed
Colors: Brown, White, Cream, Gray, Taupe, Sky
Fantasy brown granite slab by A1 Stone World

Fantasy Brown Granite: Key Things You Need to Know

Fantasy Brown Granite: Key Things You Need to Know


Fantasy Brown granite is a one-of-a-kind stone that shows the fantastic beauty of natural stones through its dramatic features that you’ll surely fall in love with. So if you are looking into using Fantasy Brown granite as your kitchen countertop and are interested to know more about it, welcome to our blog!

Here, we’re going to answer the most commonly asked questions about this stone and show you why it’s a popular option when you’re looking for a not only durable but also beautiful kitchen countertop.

First Of All, Is Fantasy Brown Really Granite?

Fantasy Brown is an igneous stone rich in history. And being among the most popular countertop options in the United States, it is also one of the most misinterpreted ones. Sellers often label them as marble, granite, soft quartzite, or dolomitic marble.

But technically, this stone falls under the marble category. The reason why it is considered granite is because Fantasy Brown is as dense and hard as granite but looks like marble. It won’t easily etch like marble and thus, is more durable.

What Colors Are in Brown Fantasy Granite?

Fantasy Brown Granite Slab


Quarried in India, the dreamy characteristics of Fantasy Brown granite are what made it a popular option for many homeowners. This beautiful natural stone comes in various styles and colors and has the look and feel of marble. Most have veins in shades of gray, brown, and white that are highlighted by the stone’s cream background.

Some even have green swirls and small black speckles throughout the slab. With a lot of variations out there, you might need to visit multiple granite fabricators in Jacksonville FL to find the specific style you are looking for.

Is Fantasy Brown a Good Choice for Kitchen?

Of course, it is! If you want an aesthetically pleasing countertop that has the beauty of marble but with the durability of granite, look no further! Fantasy Brown granite offers both beauty and durability which makes it a solid choice if you want a lovely kitchen countertop that will last for a lifetime.

Plus, it is an ideal option if you want a more budget-friendly countertop that can still withstand damage for the years to come. Also, it requires less maintenance than marble and won’t etch and scratch that easily. It is heat-resistant and can retain cool temperatures which makes it ideal for a lot of applications.

Take note, though, that proper care and maintenance are required to enhance the durability of your countertop.

Tip: Choose a leathered or honed finish to easily hide future scratches.

Fantasy Brown Granite Kitchen Countertop


What Level Is Fantasy Brown Granite?

Granite stones come in different levels that often determine their price. For instance, Fantasy Brown stone falls at Level 1 or Level 2, depending on the origin, color, hardness, thickness, and others.

What Goes With Fantasy Brown Granite?

The beautiful desert-like waves and cream undulations of Fantasy Brown provide a neutral look that will perfectly match natural wood tones including wooden and white cabinets. But, it also works great with other colors such as black, greige, or blue.

Make sure to choose a simple backsplash to keep the focus on your lovely countertop. Subway tiles with the same colors as your countertop will be the best options. Or, you can simply use the same stone as your backsplash.

Moreover, Fantasy Brown is extremely versatile, so it is also a perfect choice for rustic to modern-style kitchens. So whether you want a farmhouse-style kitchen or want a more sophisticated contemporary design, you can’t go wrong with Fantasy Brown.

Fantasy Brown Granite Kitchen Countertop With White Cabinets


How Much Does Fantasy Brown Granite Cost?

The average price of installed Fantasy Brown countertops ranges from $40-$75+ per square foot. This price will vary depending on your location and the slab variation, so make sure to ask around before making your final decision.

Compared to other exotic granite stones like Bianco Antico or White Ice that cost around $100 per square foot, Fantasy Brown still provides the best deal when it comes to quality and pricing.

Is Fantasy Brown Granite Still Popular?

Fantasy Brown is still a popular choice when it comes to kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops today. Its unmatched beauty and warm color palette can complement a wide range of decor styles which makes it easier to work with. It is even used in fireplace surrounds, bar tops, tub surrounds, shower walls, and others.

Buy Fantasy Brown Granite Countertops in Jacksonville FL

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