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Elegant Natural Stone & Quartz Shower Walls

Shower walls should be durable, easy to maintain, and most importantly, beautiful. This makes natural stones and quartz the perfect materials as they come in various elegant designs and have no grouts that you need to clean regularly which leaves them sparkling clean for a longer time. They are also energy-efficient and add value to your home so you can save more money and maximize your investment.

If you are planning to elevate your bathroom’s look, search no more as A1 Stone World offers luxury natural stones and quartz shower walls in elegant patterns and styles. We provide custom shower solutions to transform your bathroom into a space of grandeur. Book a free consultation now!

Benefits of a Natural & Engineered Stone in a Shower

A1 Stone World Fabricates and Installs Custom Natural Stone and Quartz Shower Walls In the Jacksonville Metropolitan Area

A1 Stone World offers shower wall fabrication and installation services at prices you can afford. You can choose from our durable marble, granite, quartzite, quartz, soapstone, and dolomite shower walls. We offer one of the largest selections of luxury stones in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas so you’ll surely find one that best matches your interior design.

Aside from shower walls, we also offer matching tub surrounds, bathroom vanities, bathroom sinks, and edge profiles to make your design more cohesive. If you need help with your design, you can book a free consultation with our expert designers who will ensure that you get your ideal shower walls. We aim to keep our thousands of customers satisfied by providing post-sale support services in case anything goes wrong. Hire us now!

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What to Consider When Choosing the Right Shower Walls for Your Needs

Aside from the kitchen, your bathroom is the second most important space that you need to focus on when remodeling or renovating your home. Here are the key things you should consider when selecting the right walls for your shower:

1. Water & Scratch Resistance

The most important factor to consider is moisture resistance since the shower area is often wet to ensure the longevity of your walls. Most importantly, choose materials that can sustain prolonged exposure to water. We recommend choosing less porous materials to prevent water from seeping into the material and causing damage.

In addition, look for scratch and cut-resistant materials too. Sharp objects can cause irreparable damage to materials such as glass mosaic, porcelain, and ceramic tiles. Natural stone and quartz can provide better scratch and chip resistance as well as weather resistance.

2. Maintenance

Mold growth is common in humid shower areas, so choose a material that can resist molds and stains from bathroom products. Tiles have grouts and are time-consuming and tedious to maintain. If you want a lower maintenance option, natural stones and quartz will be your best picks. Natural stones can last for a long time when sealed professionally.

3. Size

If you are using tile bathroom walls, there is a big difference between the aesthetic appearance of small-format tiles from large-format ones. Large-format tiles will be more pleasing to look at since there are lesser grout lines. Full stone slabs are even better because they won’t have grout lines and thus, appear more elegant.

5 Best Materials to Use for Shower Walls

Here are the most popular shower wall materials you can choose from:

1. Granite

2. Marble

3. Quartzite

4. Quartz

5. Porcelain Tile

Expert Tips When Using Natural Stones in Your Bathroom

Here are the things you need to know when using natural stone showers according to experts as compiled by the Natural Stone Institute:

  • White marble is a popular option in bathrooms but make sure to have it professionally sealed first before using it in your shower.
  • The owner of ESP (a distributor of natural stone sealing and cleaning products), David Bonasera, suggested choosing darker marble colors as they are less porous and more stain-resistant than lighter colors.
  • Bonasera recommends using a squeegee to clean your walls every time you finish showering to prevent water marks.
  • Jacqueline Tabbah, a stone restoration specialist, recommended granite as a good material for bathrooms because they are resistant to etching and easier to maintain.

Find more expert tips for a timeless bathroom design here.

Buy Elegant Shower Walls From A1 Stone World

Choosing the right materials for your shower walls is crucial if you want them to meet the durability and functionality you are expecting. A1 Stone World is a professional natural and engineered stone countertop installer with an experienced team that can help you find the material that best matches your requirements and style. Contact us now and let’s start your dream bathroom remodeling project!

We serve clients in Northeast Florida including:

Green Cove Springs | Jacksonville | Jacksonville Beach | Ponte Vedra Beach | Saint Johns | St. Augustine

Reasons to Choose A1 Stone World

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10,000+ happy customers

We are proud to have served so many satisfied customers over the last 15+ years. We strive to put our customers first and appreciate the trust they have shown in us to craft beautiful spaces together.

Deepest selection of luxury stone

We have one of the largest sections of stones in the greater Jacksonville area. Our indoor slab yard will have something that meets your style and budget. We only work with suppliers that have the strictest standards when selecting stones from quarries so you can be sure every piece you see was chosen with care.

Superior craftsmanship

Our in-house team of fabricators and installers each have multiple decades of experience. They take great pride in their work and have the perfect blend of skill and artistic touch. We use the latest technology in our state-of-the-art fabrication facility.

Honesty and transparency

We feel our ability to be honest and transparent with our customers is the main reason we have been able to serve thousands of people like you. We are upfront in our pricing and ensure there are no hidden fees. We communicate every step of the way and make it a point to educate you on the process.

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