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Are you in search of the best granite that goes with white kitchen cabinets?

White is considered the most versatile color when it comes to interior design as it can complement almost any material and color. Cabinets are no exception. But how do you make sure that you’re matching it with the right granite color?

Here are the best granite countertops for white cabinets that you can consider!

Clean and Spacious Look: White Granite Countertops for White Cabinets

White granite countertops are obviously among the most commonly chosen colors when it comes to white cabinets because they provide a lot of benefits. They are perfect for people who want a minimalist kitchen that provides a clean and fresh look and can make any space appear spacious.

1. Alaska White

Alaska White Granite Slab

Alaska White granite has a white background with dramatic patterns of frosty whites, pale silver streaks, onyx hues, and warm neutrals. Its interesting pattern can add visual appeal to a monotonous white kitchen and makes a great focal point.

It is best paired with stainless steel, silver, and grey appliances as well as wood floors or gray tiles that can highlight your countertop. Better avoid busy-looking backsplashes to make your countertop pop.

2. White Torroncino

White torroncino granite slab

White Torroncino granite can provide a classy look with its brownish-grey veins that mimic a flowing river. It has high variations and dramatic speckles in beige, gold, brown, black, grey, and burgundy colors that work well with many design styles. 

3. Bella White

Bella white granite slab

Bella White is a granite stone with a light grey (sometimes creamy white) undertone with mineral deposits in black, white, and grey throughout the slab. Depending on the quality of the slab you buy, the mineral deposits can be dense or not.

The appearance of the stone will also vary depending on the lighting. It will appear dark and uniform in dark rooms but will look more pronounced under bright lighting.

4. White Ice

White Ice Granite Slab

White Ice is characterized by a bright white and pale steel grey backdrop along with veins that range from deep ocean blue colors to brown or reddish ones. It mimics the look of crystalized lakes and snow-covered mountains with the reflection of blue skies.

Other white granite countertops you can consider if the mentioned colors are not available are White Ornamental Granite, White Lady, and Smokey White.

Modern Kitchen With Great Contrast: Black Granite Countertops for White Cabinets

If you want to add more contrast to your kitchen, nothing can do the job best than black granite countertops. Compared to all-white kitchens, these countertops create a perfect contrast that defines storage spaces well. Combine your white cabinets and black countertops with gray accessories and you get a chic modern aesthetic.

5. Atacama Black

Atacama black granite slab

The black background of Atacama black granite in different hues is complemented by interesting white patterns that add to the unique character of the stone. Its mesmerizing patterns look like dark swirling clouds with white patches that would work great with both contemporary and traditional kitchens.

6. Black Marinace

Black Marinace Granite Slab

Do you want more drama? Black Marinace granite is for you. Its remarkable appearance makes it look like it’s man-made and provides visual complexity. It features a black background with a combination of small grey, white, beige, and brownish stones. In short, it’s a collection of various pebble types.

7. Angola Black

Angola Black Granite Slab

This granite stone has medium-sized grains with a regular structure which highlights its grey flecks. It contains labradorite and feldspar speckles that add depth and texture to the stone. What makes it special is its spectacular crystalline sparks that appear when light strikes the stone.

8. Steel Grey

Steel Grey Granite Slab

If you are into a more industrial kitchen design, Steel Grey granite is perfect for you. The stone’s composite pattern consists of various shades of warm and cool grey. Its rugged charm made it popular which you can enhance by choosing antique-finished or leather steel grey granite stones.

Other interesting black granite colors you can check out are Capricorn, Titanium Black, and Black Pearl granite.

Cozier and More Welcoming: Brown Granite Countertops for White Cabinets

Brown countertops provide good contrast too. But aside from that, they also make your home cozier and more welcoming. This combination is often used for rustic-style kitchens that highlight the space’s warmth.

9. Baltic Brown

Baltic Brown Granite Slab

This granite slab is characterized by a dark brown backdrop with grey and beige highlights. White cabinets will make it look crisp despite its warm color. Stainless steel accessories, as well as white backsplash tiles, will work best for white cabinets with Baltic Brown granite countertops.

10. Fantasy Brown

Fantasy Brown Granite Slab

Fantasy Brown granite’s dramatic patterns will surely mesmerize you. Its features make it look like marble with sandy and brown hues rather than grey. Thus, making it appear like a dessert. Most slabs have smooth white and grey lines with brown and green swirls along with cream hues.

11. Rosewood

Rosewood Granite Slab

Although this granite stone looks browner, it actually has a pink shade which makes it one of a kind. It features burgundy and grey veins along with white speckles throughout the slab. It is ideal for creating a more romantic atmosphere in your kitchen. Adding green features would be a great idea.

12. Kashmir Gold

Kashmir Gold Granite Countertop

Kashmir gold granite features a light grey base and a blend of sandy yellow tones with red and honey gold specks. Its overall color is light, but has complex patterns that will stand out when paired with white cabinets. Glass tile backsplashes with bronze accents would work best for these stones.

Bolder and Livelier: Blue, Red, and Green Granite Countertops for White Cabinets

Blue, red, and green granite stones are for those who want a more lively and bolder-looking kitchen. Since their colors stand out, they will become the focal points rather than your white cabinets.

13. Arcobaleno Blue

Arcobaleno Blue Granite Countertop

If you love astronomy, then Arcobaleno Blue granite is for you. This stone looks like a nebula with a mixture of purples, greens, blues, and beiges with some small black elements. It’s a multicolored granite that is perfectly balanced by the simple color of white cabinets. Plus, it is best paired with wooden decors.

14. Imperial Red Granite

Imperial Red Granite Slab

Imperial Red granite has a fancy red base complemented by blue accents and specks of gray and heavy beige colors. Its colors add energy to a plain white kitchen to make it more lively. To get the best aesthetic, better pair it with stainless steel hardware, accessories, and appliances.

15. Verde Sequoia

Verde Sequoia Granite Countertop

This is a gorgeous granite with a seaweed green backdrop and streaks of dark green as well as small speckles of light brown, white, and beige. Its colors and patterns make it look like a jungle which helps bring out the wide side of your home elegantly. White cabinets will balance out Verde Sequoia’s darkness and will make your kitchen the main focus of your home.

Tips When Choosing Granite That Goes With White Kitchen Cabinets

Lastly, below are a few tips we can give you when choosing the best granite for white cabinets:

  • Below is a guide when choosing what shade of white granite to go for:
    • Cool White Cabinets: Blue-grey granite shades
    • Warm White Cabinets: Granite with warm tints like earth-toned neutrals and taupe shades
    • Pure White Cabinets: Granite with hues of pure white
  • Choose light-colored granite countertops for small kitchens to make them more spacious.
  • Stick with dark-colored granites with low movement and subtle patterns.
  • Dark-colored granite works best with brightly lit kitchens while pale colors are more suitable for poorly lit ones.


What type of granite goes with white cabinets?

White granite is the most popular option if you want a minimalistic kitchen. But if you prefer more contrast, black granite is the best choice. To make your kitchen cozier and more welcoming, better go with brown granite. But if you want a bolder and livelier look, blue, red, or green granite countertops would be the perfect choices.

Final Thoughts

White cabinets are great at creating a minimalist but elegant kitchen design. But, choosing the right granite that goes with white kitchen cabinets is a crucial step. If you need any help with your countertop installation serving the greater Jacksonville, FL area, feel free to contact us! We offer granite countertops in the following areas (contact us if your area is not listed):

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