Carrara White Marble

Carrara White Marble is among the most popular and cheapest luxury marble countertops in the market. It often comes with a white background but you’ll also find gray and blue-gray varieties. The stone’s cloudy sky-looking surface is adorned with soft feathery gray veins that are almost unnoticeable but still offer an elegant but subtle dramatic look for a more calming atmosphere.

Other names of this marble are: White Carrara, Bianco Carrara

Type: Natural Stone
Series: Marble
Origin: Italy
Primary Color: Cool White
Other Colors: Gray, Black
Shade Variation: Low
Style: Short Veins
Finishes: Honed, Matte, Polished
Avg. Length: 95-120″
Avg. Width: 25-75″
Thickness: 1.5-1.8cm, 2cm, 3cm
Bookmatch: Yes
Backlit: Yes
Usage: Interior
carrara white marble
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