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Luxury Residential & Commercial Bar Countertops

Bar countertops, especially in commercial bars, should be designed to withstand everyday use while creating an ambient atmosphere at the same time to attract potential customers. To achieve this, you would want to make the right material and style choices that would meet the functionality that your application demands.

A1 Stone World’s experts with years of experience in the countertop fabrication and installation industry can help you create alluring spaces to maximize your return on investment. Whether you are a homeowner who wants to remodel some free space in your home or a business owner who wants to add luxury in your bar or restaurant, we can build both stylish and functional bar countertops for you. Contact us now!

Ensure the Success of Your Custom Kitchen Countertop Project With Our Unmatched Services

A1 Stone World is a true one-stop shop for your bar countertop needs in Florida. We provide an all-in-one solution from templating to installation and post-sale satisfaction services:

  • Design & Consultation – Free consultation with our skilled designers to help you pick the right materials and styles based on your specific requirements.
  • Templating – Our experienced technicians will take precise measurements of the project site while considering details such as specialty cuts and overhangs.
  • Fabrication – Rigorous quality inspection, layouting, cutting, edge profiling, polishing, and finishing of your chosen stone slab.
  • Installation – Our certified installers will ensure quality craftsmanship for the installation of your bar countertop.
  • Post Purchase Satisfaction – Ensuring that the specifications of the installed countertop meet your expectations.

We offer luxurious natural and engineered stones (quartz, granite, marble, quartzite, and soapstone) in an extensive range of colors and patterns. Book an appointment now and let’s start creating grandiose spaces that will surely leave a positive impression to your customers or visitors!

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5 Best Best Materials for Bar Countertops

Bars provide a dynamic feature to your home or business for entertaining your guest while adding visual appeal. However, you can only achieve the functionality and style you want if you choose the right material.

Here are the top home wet bar and commercial bar countertops you can choose from along with the pros and cons of each:

Quartz: For Heavy-Duty Commercial and Home Bar Counters

Granite: Durable Natural Stone Alternative that Doesn’t Compromise Style

Marble: Luxurious Bar Counters for Low-Traffic Applications

Solid Surface: Versatile & Cheaper Alternative to Natural Stones

Laminate: Most Affordable Option for Budget-Conscious Buyers

5 Key Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Bar Countertop Material

Consider these 5 important factors when selecting a long-lasting countertop for your application:

1. Usage

Bar countertop materials vary in quality so you need to choose one that can meet your project’s requirements. Here are some questions you can ask to help you decide:

  • Will you be installing your bar countertop indoors or outdoors?
  • It is for a light-traffic home bar or a high-traffic commercial bar?
  • Are you installing a dry bar or a wet bar?
  • How often will you be using your bar?

For instance, choose materials that can handle moisture if you are going to install a wet bar and stronger or thicker materials for high-traffic areas. Quartz and granite would be your best pick when it comes to commercial bars.


  • Although it isn’t practical to install expensive and highly durable materials in low-traffic areas (like VIP sections of restaurants), this doesn’t mean you should ignore durability.
  • For commercial uses, consider food establishment construction standards like using durable, smooth, easy-to-clean, nonabsorbent, and corrosion-resistant materials.

A1 Stone World’s professional team will help you choose the right material for your project.

2. Design Style

  • Choose a material that won’t go out of style for the years to come to better showcase your bar’s exquisite style. Take note, though, that some materials will lose their color over time.
  • Manmade materials like quartz, solid surface, and laminate come in endless customizable color and style options. (Note that laminate and solid surfaces have poor scratch resistance and don’t do well in moisture-prone areas.)
  • Most natural stones provide natural elegance that will not only add luxury but also increase the value of your bar area.

A1 Stone World offers an immense selection of natural and engineered stone countertop colors and patterns that can fit any decor. Contact us now so our expert designers can help you choose the right one!

3. Durability

  • Choose materials that can resist burns, scratches, spills/stains, etches, moisture, rust, dents, corrosion, and high temperatures. (Especially if you will be doing lots of cutting or installing a bar countertop in high-heat and high-traffic areas.)
  • Some materials (like marble) are more porous than others and will absorb stain, moisture, and enhance microbial growth if not maintained properly. Granite (when properly sealed), quartz, and solid surface have better stain resistance.
  • Choosing more expensive but durable materials will save you money in the long run compared to using cheaper materials (like laminate) that you need to replace often.

Here’s a comparison of some bar countertop materials for your reference:

4. Maintenance

  • Some countertop materials are easier to maintain and clean than others. For instance, some porous stones like marble need to be sealed more often. Laminate, quartz, and solid surface are more low-maintenance options.
  • Certain color options can hide dirt and grime better than others. Also, lighter natural stones will need more frequent sealing than darker colors.

5. Cost

Aside from the varying prices of countertop materials that you need to consider, here are a few things you need to take note of when considering the overall cost:

  • For budget-conscious buyers, choose materials that you can install yourself like laminate bar countertops. (Stone bar countertops are better left to the professionals.)
  • Don’t focus on the upfront prices. Consider other costs like installation, cutouts required, backsplash, edging, and removing old countertops.
  • Consider long-term maintenance costs. Natural stones, like marble and granite, will require regular sealing and cheaper laminate will need to be replaced often which will add up to the cost.

For a detailed guide on choosing the best stone bar countertop slabs for your project, you can check out these articles:

Bar Countertop Design Considerations

Here are general guidelines that you can refer to when installing bar countertops according to Grothouse, a custom wood bar top maker:

  • Height: 42 inches (Standard)
  • Width:
    • 12-16 inches (home bar tops)
    • 20-28 inches (commercial bar tops) including drink rails
  • Thickness: 1¾ inches minimum
  • Overhang:
    • 6-12 inches if with bar stools
    • 6-9 inches if it’s a standing-only bar

Popular Bar Countertop Trends You Should Know

  • One of the trends in the hospitality industry in Florida are open-air spaces. So if you are a business owner, going for bar countertops that can withstand outdoor conditions like granite and quartzite might be best.
  • There is a heightened focus on in-home bars that can be placed anywhere aside from your kitchen such as your living room, basement, and dining room.
  • Home wet bars are also a growing trend, especially that many people have now shifted to working from home as a result of the pandemic reshaping work in America.

Hire A1 Stone World to Get Superior-Quality & Elegant Bar Countertops

Selecting the right company to do the job for your major investments like bar countertops is a crucial decision. A1 Stone World’s extensive experience guarantees that we can provide products and services that will exceed your expectations. We can create well-crafted bar countertops that scream luxury while meeting the functionality you want. Reach out to us now!

Here are a few of the areas we serve in Northeast Florida:

Green Cove Springs | Jacksonville | Jacksonville Beach | Ponte Vedra Beach | Saint Johns | St. Augustine

Reasons to Choose A1 Stone World

marble kitchen countertop
10,000+ happy customers

We are proud to have served so many satisfied customers over the last 15+ years. We strive to put our customers first and appreciate the trust they have shown in us to craft beautiful spaces together.

Deepest selection of luxury stone

We have one of the largest sections of stones in the greater Jacksonville area. Our indoor slab yard will have something that meets your style and budget. We only work with suppliers that have the strictest standards when selecting stones from quarries so you can be sure every piece you see was chosen with care.

Superior craftsmanship

Our in-house team of fabricators and installers each have multiple decades of experience. They take great pride in their work and have the perfect blend of skill and artistic touch. We use the latest technology in our state-of-the-art fabrication facility.

Honesty and transparency

We feel our ability to be honest and transparent with our customers is the main reason we have been able to serve thousands of people like you. We are upfront in our pricing and ensure there are no hidden fees. We communicate every step of the way and make it a point to educate you on the process.

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