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Upgrade Your Space’s Look With Our Selection of Various Stone Backsplashes

Backsplashes are not for aesthetic purposes only. They prevent liquids, grease, and other substances from damaging your kitchen or bathroom wall. This requires you to find a material that is durable enough to protect your wall while enhancing the high-end look of your space. But with the many options you have, it might be challenging to find the right one.

A1 Stone World is here to help you spice up the look of your space through our highly experienced team of designers, technicians, and installers. Nothing does better in increasing your home’s value and return on investment while creating a luxurious look than stone backsplashes. Set an appointment now and let’s talk about your remodeling plans!

Benefits of Using Stones as a Backsplash

Glass Mosaic vs. Natural Stone Backsplashes

Natural stone backsplashes and glass mosaics are the two most popular options that are hard to compare. Below is a short comparison between these two:

Style & Design

Glass Mosaic

Natural Stone Backsplash


Glass Mosaic

Natural Stone Backsplash


Glass Mosaic

Natural Stone Backsplash


Glass Mosaic

Natural Stone Backsplash


Glass Mosaic

Natural Stone Backsplash

A1 Stone World Can Help You Install Elegant Backsplashes at Affordable Prices in Northeast Florida

We offer a substantial collection of natural and engineered stone backsplashes in an extensive range of styles and color for every decor and budget. We have granitequartzmarblequartzite, and soapstone backsplashes that can add elegance to your home or commercial space. We service homeowners and businesses in Northeast Florida including Duval County.

Moreover, we also offer kitchen, bathroom, and bar countertop fabrication and installation services to ensure a perfect match with your backsplash. Not only that, we even offer matching sinks and non-countertop products like fireplace surrounds and stone slabs for tables, desks, shelves, walls, and staircases. Drop us a message to know more!

What to Consider When Choosing the Right Shower Walls for Your Needs

Here are four key factors you should consider when selecting a backsplash material and style:

1. Your Countertop

Choose your countertop and cabinet designs first before finding a backsplash that will complement your choices to save time. Making sure that all of your design choices are in harmony will create an alluring look that will help increase your home’s value more.

If you want to maintain a single design, using the same backsplash material as your countertop would be the best option.

Another Tip: Consider Focal Points

Decide whether your backsplash will be your focal point or not. Consider these tips when choosing a focal point:

  • If the space has a minimal design, your backsplash would create an excellent focal point. Otherwise, choose a minimalist backsplash design.
  • Don’t match busy designs (like complex countertop patterns) with busy backsplash styles to avoid overwhelming the space and overshadowing the main focal point you want.

A1 Stone World’s expert design team will guide you in choosing the best style for your needs.

2. Backsplash Height

The typical kitchen backsplash height is 4 inches. But if you are using your kitchen often for cooking, you’ll need a taller backsplash to protect your wall from damage and splashes. You can raise your backsplash up to your wall cabinets or even up to your ceiling (full-height backsplashes).

3. Your Budget

Do you have a strict budget or are you someone who is willing to pay for something you really want regardless of the price? Knowing your budget can help you save time in narrowing down your choices.

Other materials are cheaper than stone slabs but make sure to consider durability and ease of maintenance too when thinking about budget. It is better to use a durable material that will never go out of style and add value to your space (like natural stones) rather than something that is cheaper but prone to damage and harder to maintain.

We offer affordable stone slab backsplashes that can fit any budget.

4. Your Lifestyle

Different materials will have their own pros and cons, so you need to consider how you’ll be using your space. Here are questions you can ask to make sure that you choose a material that can withstand your lifestyle:

  • How often do you cook?
  • Do you make a lot of mess, splashes, and moisture when cooking?
  • Do you use ovens or stoves?

For instance, if you do a lot of cooking with a lot of mess, choose a durable but low-maintenance material like quartz to prevent staining and moisture issues.

Here is a comparison of other durable backsplash materials you can choose from:

backsplash materials comparison chart by A1 Stone World

Our professional team can give you expert recommendations of the best materials that will suit your lifestyle.

Stone Backsplash Design Tips & Trends

  1. Many designers prefer natural stone countertop and backsplash pairings due to their timeless and dramatic look. They are excellent focal points that can spice up any space.
  2. Among the big home decor trends (as stated by interior design experts) are natural stone countertops extending into stunning backsplashes that create commanding pieces.
  3. Natural stone backsplashes are included in Homes & Gardens’ list of the best kitchen backsplash materials where they considered practicality, ease of cleaning and maintenance, durability, and style that add character to any space.
  4. Here are the results of FIXR’s survey involving 64 interior design professionals regarding the biggest backsplash trends:
    • Slab backsplashes as extensions of countertops
    • Ceiling height backsplashes
    • Natural stone backsplashes
    • Patterned ceramic tiles
    • Glazed tile backsplashes

Work With A1 Stone World to Transform Your Kitchen or Bathroom Into a Room of Splendor

If you want to guarantee the quality installation of luxury backsplashes at affordable prices, you can rely on A1 Stone World. Our substantial collection of superior stone slabs and years of experience will ensure that you get products and services that exceed your expectations. We have thousands of satisfied customers that prove the quality of our workmanship. Hire us now!

We serve clients in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas including:

Green Cove Springs | Jacksonville | Jacksonville Beach | Ponte Vedra Beach | Saint Johns | St. Augustine

Reasons to Choose A1 Stone World

marble kitchen countertop
10,000+ happy customers

We are proud to have served so many satisfied customers over the last 15+ years. We strive to put our customers first and appreciate the trust they have shown in us to craft beautiful spaces together.

Deepest selection of luxury stone

We have one of the largest sections of stones in the greater Jacksonville area. Our indoor slab yard will have something that meets your style and budget. We only work with suppliers that have the strictest standards when selecting stones from quarries so you can be sure every piece you see was chosen with care.

Superior craftsmanship

Our in-house team of fabricators and installers each have multiple decades of experience. They take great pride in their work and have the perfect blend of skill and artistic touch. We use the latest technology in our state-of-the-art fabrication facility.

Honesty and transparency

We feel our ability to be honest and transparent with our customers is the main reason we have been able to serve thousands of people like you. We are upfront in our pricing and ensure there are no hidden fees. We communicate every step of the way and make it a point to educate you on the process.

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