Countertop Types

A1 Stone World offers a wide variety of granite, corian and marble products for your home or office. Adding stone countertops to your home will increase the overall beauty and elegance of your home or office in addition to the value of your property. At A1 Stone World, we have a wide variety of stones for you to choose from. Contact us today to receive more information on any of the following:

If you want to add beauty, elegance and high quality to your home, a granite countertop of vanity is the perfect choice. They make a beautiful addition to any home or office. Granite is an important ornamental and structural stone. It has high strength and is durable. As a combination of crystals, minerals and quartz, it is the ideal choice for vanities, flooring and countertops. It is available in a broad range of patterns and color which makes it the most versatile of all stones. It is maintenance free and is able to resist bacteria. Each slab is different in pattern and color variation.
For thousands of years, marble has been valued for its rich arrays of beautiful colors and appearance. Similar to granite, marble comes from the mountains around the world. It is durable, but not as durable as granite. Marble can add a sophisticated look to your property when added to fireplace surrounds, foyers, floors, countertops, and vanities. It is more porous than granite, so sealing is recommended to avoid stains.
Cambria Countertops
Cambria is a natural, quartz surfacing product that has a variety of uses in your home such as countertops, floor tile, vanities, fireplace surrounds, wet bars, showers, etc. It has the natural look and feel of granite, but with superior performance because of its strength and durability. It is nonporous and will not absorb food and liquids like granite does. And best of all, it is maintenance-free. Strength and durability. No sealing, polishing, or reconditioning needed. Lifetime limited warranty.
Silestone Countertops
Silestone® is naturally beautiful, durable quartz. Silestone is the world’s leading natural quartz surface – a superior stone for myriad interior surfacing applications because of its ideal combination of beauty and practicality. Maintenance-free. Scratch, stain, and scorch resistant. No sealing required. 15-year warranty. Silestone provides unmatched delivery capacity, worldwide availability, more color variety, the only program of certified installation professionals and a successful track record of more than 15 years in natural quartz and 70 years in the stone industry. In 2005, Silestone is the first and only counter top to introduce built-in bacteriostatic product protection.Silestone features a range of more than 65 unique colors, so no matter what your taste or style, we’ve got the perfect fit.
Ceasar Stone Countertops
Ceasar Stone
The integral solidity and strength of CaesarStone’s quartz surfaces provide designers with the widest possible choice of profile options available in natural stone products. This freedom inspires architects and designers to explore creative concepts and shape them into practical applications.  Low Maintenance. Mold and midlew resistant. Lifetime warranty.